"The teachers at Tea Leaf Vision are the loveliest people I have ever met. I was humbled to watch them work and help them however I could. They are on a mission to dramatically improve the lives of underprivileged young people who would otherwise fall prey to a system designed to keep them in the tea estates."Read more


"Volunteering with Tea Leaf Trust has been one of my favourite volunteering projects to date. The project itself is well-run, efficient and a lot of fun to be involved in!"Read more


"I cannot put into words, how much I have enjoyed being with the Tea Leaf Trust but I am completely blown away by the work that they have done so far and what they will do in the future."Read more


There are so many beautiful parts of the country (Sri Lanka) to explore, and if you do find yourself volunteering, you must go see it all. But I assure you, if you ever leave, even for a day, you will be thrilled to return back home to Tea Leaf Vision.Read more


"For anyone with an interest in young people and international development, I cannot recommend the organisation enough."Read more


"I have met brilliant and inspiring people, I have laughed a lot, had fun, been challenged from both a personal and professional perspective, and I have learned something new almost every day. Volunteer? Recommended!"Read more