This is the jewel in our crown, a 'training of the trainer' programme, which benefits the children, local government schools and our own advanced and main diploma students. A win-win-win!

The Main Diploma students are trained to be Student Teachers and to run free basic English classes for children between the ages of 9 and 11. The programme runs throughout the year with Term One being for training, and Terms Two and Three given to teaching through strategic partnerships with the zonal education authority and local government schools.

These schools are mainly located in the most remote tea estates where teaching staff have no, or a very low level of, English. The Community English Programme makes lessons accessible and affordable for estate children where they otherwise would not have been. Interns of the Advanced Diploma are trained to manage the programme under supervision of Tea Leaf Vision staff.

Each year over 1,500 children from 25 tea estate areas access 40 hours of Basic English classes for free. The main benefits are:

1) The children are able to gain the basics of English

2) The children understand that learning English can be fun

3) Our Student Teachers regain some self-esteem and confidence due to being given the status of a teacher within their communities

4) The profile of Tea Leaf Vision is raised and sows the seed for our future cohorts