Carol Workun Those of you that know me know I have been volunteering for over a year with a school in the Sri Lankan tea plantations - a school for youth age 18 - 24 years, called Tea Leaf Vision. You will know that I am passionate about the work and that I am going back to volunteer again in February. One of the things I will do while I am there, will be rolling up my sleeves and picking tea alongside the hard working tea pickers of Maskeliya. The purpose? Well not to pick lots of tea as I suspect I will be crap at that! My goal is to raise funds for this amazing project - this is a sponsored tea pick!

Most of us enjoy a cuppa now and again but until I visited Sri Lanka I had no idea of the plight of the tea picker.

As a tea estate worker in Sri Lanka you can expect to work in back breaking conditions, receive little financial reward and live in poverty. You can expect to live with alcoholism, as around 85% of men from tea estate communities are alcoholics. You can expect to experience domestic violence, 83% of women suffering domestic violence, with 20% being sexual violence.

As a child on a tea estate you can expect to feel devoid of hope with little possibility for anything else, - you will work on a tea estate. You dare not hope or dream to have a different life because there is nothing to support your ambition and no one to help're the child of a tea picker.

At Tea Leaf Vision we provide youth with hope through education. A choice, another way of life and living... I have never met a more inspiring group of young people, both teachers and students, who work incredibly hard to make the very best of the opportunities offered to them at Tea Leaf Vision and effect change in their own lives and their communities.

Please pour yourself a cuppa and take the time to donate. Every last cent of the funds raised through my tea pick will go direct to the school, - your donation will have a direct impact on the Sri Lankan tea estate youth. Want to give them and their families a brighter future?

Carol Workun